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Sunday, February 23, 2014


All leaders have frailties. 

Leaders who know their own limitations and are willing to openly admit them are the ones with the most authenticity.  By virtue of knowing themselves, and “owning” their weaknesses, they understand that leadership is not a singular construct.  Leadership is a collective endeavor, simply because leadership requires followership. 

The best organizations (regardless of size or scope) are the ones in which the leaders and followers understand themselves and each other well.  They’re the ones in which all members know that their individual contributions really count when it comes to accomplishing their goals. 

The leaders of those organizations freely invite those with complementary strengths and skills to provide the work/thinking/contributions that the leader can’t.  Those leaders are also the ones who typically serve up recognition and praise in large doses. 

Leaders who try to hide their own shortcomings and shift blame dishonor and disrespect the contributions of others.  They tend to complain and commiserate about the others in the organization “not carrying their weight,” when, in fact, the leader has created the conditions that cause others to stand down, to withhold, to coast, to hide.

Those kinds of leaders live in a hell of their own making.............and should. 

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