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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I'm no quitter.

However, I have told every employer in my professional career the same thing: 
"If you get tired of me, if you decide I’m not being effective, if I’m not performing like you want, or if you simply feel the need to 'go a different direction,' just let me know.  There's no need to freeze me out, squeeze me out, document me out, or fire me.  I’ll walk away, without causing a storm."

I use the same kind of thinking with regard to my relationship with an organization and/or its leadership.

When we continue to stay in a role in which we are not being effective, or in an organization we are not able to serve well, or continue to serve a leader which does not have our confidence, it is impossible for us to function at our fullest capabilities.

Certainly, we can stay with an organization/boss if we believe we can influence the organization’s direction or the leader’s thinking in ways to which we all can fully subscribe.  But that "staying" should only be done in a way that is not subversive, divisive, or insubordinate.  

If we can't "stay" with integrity and good will and fully invested effort, I believe we should go, quietly. Acrimonious partings do no one any good, Johnny Paycheck's philosophy notwithstanding.

This is not about wrong or right, fair or unfair.  Life is simply too short to spend our time/effort working in a half-hearted way.  

We will regret it, 
others can see/feel it, and 
the organization deserves someone who can/will produce what it needs.

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