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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


One of the interesting things I learned when pretending to be an athletic coach is the recursive and reciprocal effect of “getting better” when one is part of a really good team.  It seems that the better the team plays, the better the individual players get.  And, the better the individual players get, the better the team gets.  In magical instances, that cycle repeats.  Not surprisingly, success and awards freely flow toward both the team and the individual players.

With that thought in mind, here are some of the great teams I get to play on:
>Guthrie Common School District
>Guthrie Virtual School
>The University of Texas at Austin
>Wayland Baptist University
>The Texas High Performance School Consortium
>Texas Association of School Administrators
>Texas Association of Secondary School Principals
>South Plains Collaborative Schools Network
>Texas Computer Educators Association

Each of those great teams of educators are deeply committed to making powerful learning happen for students.  The focus of that collective work is both on public school students and on developing educators.

Each, in their own way, strives daily to make World Class Learning happen for students every day, for every child.

How blessed I am to get to “play” on those great teams.

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