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Monday, May 27, 2024


Evolution implies change. Almost always that change culminates in a more complex state.

Evolution happens to us individually, physically, cognitively, and spiritually.  (Take a look at pictures of yourself over time if you need proof.) Evolution also occurs in social systems and organizations.

Change truly IS the constant.

Revolution is typically promulgated by those who are not satisfied with either the direction of the change(s) or the speed at which those changes are occurring. Revolution is almost always disruptive in nature. Revolutionaries push/force us to choose, rather than just drift.

An important distinction is worth noting: Sometimes, revolutionaries push for better systems, processes, and outcomes for ALL. Other kinds of revolutionaries seem "in it" only for themselves and their kin.

CHANGE is coming, inevitably. Because of our technological connectivity, time and place are continually diminishing in relevance as we observe and participate in the r/evolution.

How about we choose betterness for ALL (since the change is happening, anyway).

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