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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Being stuck is a common experience. We get stuck as individuals, and we get stuck as organizations.

Getting unstuck is tricky business because it requires...

  • Careful examination of how we got stuck in the first place (aka Reflection)
  • Honest assessment of any assumptions that might have landed us in stuckedness
  • Willingness to clarify direction and next steps out of stuckedness
  • Forecasting opportunities and challenges to those next steps

Who has time for all that!?! 

Many choose the perceived less painful path of simply remaining stuck. Others, however, choose the journey toward improvement and betterness.

Key to this process is the part about honestly assessing assumptions. Carefully exploring what assumptions got us in this mess -- or are keeping us in this state of stuckedness -- are critical in finding our way out of it. 

Assumpxploration is key to getting unstuck.

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