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Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Obfuscation, ambiguity, misdirection, and outright bamboozlement. We see tactics of this sort steadily employed from leaders in all kinds of organizations.

And then....

Other leaders take the position that TRUTH is the starting point of TRUST creation.

Wise leaders of this ilk practice a simple set of strategies:

  • They package and report organizational news (both good and bad) in plain language.
  • They remind us of the WHY of our organizational efforts.
  • They challenge us to own the bad news, and to collectively correct the problems that cause(d) it.
  • They celebrate the good news and praise those (both publicly and privately) who had a hand in generating it.
  • They remind us again of the WHY that underlies our work together.
The best servant leaders invest daily in building TRUST. They know that the foundation of that covenant is telling the TRUTH. They lean into it daily. 

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