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Thursday, February 15, 2024


Attention spans seem shorter than ever. Droning on is one of the surest ways to lose our audience(s). 

The best communicators I know engage some very intentional strategies when they have opportunity to speak. They leverage:

  • Connections -- Folks listen best when we are discussing something important to them.
  • Future Focus -- Speak to a better future we can craft together.
  • Specificity -- Ambiguity and mush are.............ambiguity and mush.
  • Inquiry -- Let powerful questions drive the conversations toward solutions.
  • Brevity -- Less is more, especially when garnering attention/interest is our goal.
  • Inclusivity -- WE is always a more powerful attractor than me.
When we successfully engage the thinking of others, we rattle around in their brains long after we have relinquished the microphone and the room has emptied. 

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