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Sunday, October 22, 2023


Rituals have a binding effect on us. One of my former pastors claimed rituals as the "thread" that binds us to our ancestral "tribe," whatever beliefs that tribe subscribes to.

Certain faiths have well-established rituals, certain universities have long-standing rituals, certain fraternities/sororities have deeply entrenched rituals, and even certain families have powerfully engrained rituals.

When our rituals serve to bring us together around highly moral tenets and noble aspirations, they can serve as powerful attractors. That magnetism "pulls" us toward higher thinking, exemplary behavior, extraordinary effort, and relentless commitment.

When the rituals of social groups are intended to bind us in healthy ways, to do good to/for others and the earth, and to serve humankind in positive ways, they are worthy and noble undertakings. Sign up, invest, and play hard.

When the rituals of social groups are intended to do harm to others, or exist solely for the self-interests or positive outcomes for that particular group......................................consider resigning from the group and finding better ways to spend your time.  

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