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Sunday, October 29, 2023


Most of us come to believe that Offense is about scoring -- points, dollars, clients, etc. And, Defense is about protecting something -- property, goal lines, savings, market share.

Much has been written about Offensive and Defensive strategies, whether the topic happens to be football, finances, politics, or war.

The best tacticians don't look at Offense and Defense as mutually exclusive constructs. They understand how to deploy Offensive measures with Defensive outcomes as the objective. Similarly, these wise strategists also figure out ways to apply Defensive measures as tools with Offensive efficacy.

Winning, regardless of the competition in which we are involved, cannot be viewed only through a dichotomous and bifurcated lens of simply playing Offense for awhile, then shifting to Defense for awhile. Life (and, in reality, most games) require that we be playing both at the same time. 

Almost always, using Offense as Defense and vice versa, has to do with managing the clock or the calendar. TIME is a resource, too.

We are wise to understand the tactical advantages of being ambidextrous in the application of Defensive and Offensive measures. 

Be warned: Continuous LEARNING is required...

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