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Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Organizational dysfunction or inertia is typically the result of subversive behavior on the part of some members of the organization (either a few of 'em or a lot).

Assuming that we are voluntary members of organizations that have worthy and noble intentions, what are some ways we -- you and I -- can be better team members, and bolster the likelihood of the success of our team? Consider these moves...

  • Align our time, effort, expertise, words, and influence as highly as possible directly to the worthy and noble goals we share.
  • Bring positivity and energy to the table, every day.
  • Contribute instead of consume. Add value in many ways, small and large.
  • Deal with disagreements in objective, non-emotional, and transparent ways.
  • With all people and in all ways, treat others respectfully and fairly.
  • Perseverate only on the data that highly aligns to achievement of the noble and worthy outcomes we hold dear.
  • Learn, and share learning, relentlessly.
  • Refuse to engage in subversive behavior. Not only does it make our organization less, it makes US less.

If, however, we are in organizations that do not have worthy and noble intentions, perhaps it's time to get off the bus. Life is too short, and our participation in same will only make it shorter.

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