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Wednesday, February 1, 2023


An intractable dynamic in the natural world is the delicate balance between predator and prey.

Predators in the wild are trying to survive, in the only way they know how. They hunt, stalk, attack, and consume their prey. Almost always, the prey that predators pursue are the weak, the sick, the slow, the undeveloped young, and/or the marginalized.

The same sort of predatory behavior occurs in the human social theater. Human "predators" (metaphorically speaking) are those with power, resources, or privileged status. Those "predators" seek human "prey" -- others who are weak, slow, sick, young, and/or marginalized.

How do we avoid becoming the "prey"? 

Optimize our "health" (physical, intellectual, and emotional-spiritual), both as individuals and in the communities/organizations to which we belong. The starting point of optimal "health" is LEARNING. We all have great control in what, and how much, we choose to learn.

Time to up our learning game.

The predators are always on the hunt.

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