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Wednesday, February 22, 2023


My lovely bride of 45 years is fond of say that we're ALL crazy; some just hide it better than others. I don't believe her assertion to be empirically grounded, but it certainly has the ring of truth.

And, it causes me to think of another commonality that seems to slide its way into the psyche and behavior of most of us: Insecurity. It seems that we all have some degree of insecurity; some just hide it better than others. 

In the role that so many of us play as mentor/coach/parent/leader, we encounter folks with significant levels of insecurity on a regular basis. How can we help them, and thus, our organization, better deal with and overcome those insecurities? Consider the following strategies...

  • Embrace positivity in the language we use, the stories we tell, the questions we ask, the affirmations we emit. Positivity keeps doors and conversations open.
  • Focus on strengths, and spend as little time as possible on weaknesses. Few people change as result of external pressure. Betterment is best achieved when intrinsically motivated.
  • Explore best fit. Our insecurities have a way of melting away when we're ask to do that for which we are well-suited and well-qualified.
  • Process-centric. Keep ALL our attention on the fact that improvement - self and organizational - is a PROCESS, not an event.
Sound crazy?

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