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Sunday, March 13, 2022


Reflecting on our personal and collective history can serve as a powerful stimulant for the future we choose to make. 

We have been shaped by people, by experiences, and by forces. Those shaping mechanisms generate within us purpose (whether we define it or not). As we manifest that purpose the stories of our lives, businesses, communities begin to unfold. 

Those shapers are:

  • People - those whose words and actions prompted us to be better versions of ourself.
  • Experiences - the events, efforts, encounters that formed our worldview.
  • Forces - the overarching and underlying contexts (e.g., love, service-mindset, faith, etc.) that impact the way we "feel" about our corner of the world and impact how we act upon those feelings. 

We have the editing rights. Deliberate consideration of those shaping elements of our story most certainly makes us better "writers" of the next sentence, paragraph, chapter...

Note to self: As I edit and write my own future, I am most certainly shaping those of others.

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