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Sunday, March 6, 2022


Organizations are made up of people. Always.

The problems organizations experience are generated by people, often by people within the organization (but sometimes by people external to the organization). One way or the other, it's people who are somehow, someway the genesis of the problems experienced.

How can servant leaders effectively deal with those behavior problems (aka people problems)?

Consider the following strategies:

  • Focus first and always on what's going right.
  • View and treat the behavior problems as individual issues. Don't splatter the entire organization with a reprimand or redirection that is clearly aimed at one (or just a few) behavior problems.
  • Invite the others in the organization to articulate what the organizational outcomes would look like if things were going great.
  • Invite others in the organization to articulate the behaviors that would lead to that going-great scenario.
  • Address the problem people privately, directly, and specifically with your concerns about only two things: 1) their behavior that is affecting weaker results, and 2) the weaker results their behavior is generating. Avoid any conversation at all about attitude, about feelings, attempting explanation of the problem. Behavior is what matters.
Organizations will always have behavior problems. Those with the fewest behavior problems have the highest performance metrics. 

It is our role as leaders to minimize the behavior problems, in order to maximize performance. 

Leadership ain't for skeerdy cats.

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