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Sunday, September 12, 2021


As a quick examination of many professional sports teams will attest, simply having a stable full of talented folks does not guarantee a winning team. The chemistry of the team is EVERYTHING, and achieving high-performing chemistry with a team full of talented folks is especially challenging for those of us in leadership roles. 

For your consideration, some strategies for managing teams of talented folks:

-Religiously keep the focus on the BIG PICTURE, the vision of the organization.

-Provide wide latitude in process by the various team members in moving themselves and their teams in the direction of the vision. But, keep a very close eye and ear on the work being done.

-Insist on (and model) respectfulness in all interactions. Strong players usually come with strong personalities, exceptional intellects, and stridently held opinions. Discussion, debate, and dissent make us stronger, but only when done in an environment of respectfulness. 

-Create the conditions in which all team members have opportunity to leverage and showcase their particular strengths. 

-Relentlessly pursue and demand continuous improvement. Complacency is a disease.

-Be prepared to replace any toxic talent that poisons the chemistry of the team. Dignified and expeditious separation is sometimes the best solution for the team's success.

Phil Jackson's books are excellent case studies on managing talented teams.

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