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Wednesday, September 1, 2021


Tough times call for strong leadership. The very best leaders I know personally (and have studied) have not only survived tough times, they have emerged on the other side of them even stronger.

Here are some commonalities in the way those impactful folks led (and lead) through adversity:

-They use the adverse conditions to re-focus themselves and their followers on the BIG PICTURE vision they are pursuing.

-They acknowledge the difficulties/sadness briefly, but pivot quickly to expressions of support, comfort, and appreciation to/for those who are navigating those treacherous waters along with them.

-They purposefully and overtly avoid the sky-is-falling crowd, that tends to perseverate only on all that is going wrong.

-They speak with persistent clarity about what we do next, then next, then next, keeping the team centered on doing those things they CAN control.

-They understand that facing and overcoming adversity is a function of personal grit and determination, and that waiting on someone else to fix the problem(s) is a victim's mindset.

Leadership in tough times ain't for sissies.

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