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Thursday, February 4, 2021


Times of uncertainty put a strain on all of us. Times of uncertainty call for exceptional service from those of us in leadership roles (whether we’re parents, teachers, managers, preachers, mentors, board members, executives, coaches, captains,….).  

 How can we best lead in times of uncertainty?  What do others need to hear, see, feelas they rely on us to lead forward?


Consider the following three-point recipe as a guide for leading in uncertain times:


High Aspirations– the best servant leaders help us think about, talk about, envision, and codify high and lofty futures for ourselves and for the organizations we are members of.  Clarity around direction is critical.


Create the Conditions– the best servant leaders constantly work with us to craft the success-enhancing conditions over which we have control – embed new systems, craft new schedules, build needful infrastructure, forge new partnerships, revise, reshape, reorganize – to optimize the likelihood that our Aspirations are realized.


High Expectations– the best servant leaders keep us, in intensely disciplined ways, focused on our High Aspirations and engaged continually in Creating the Conditions, by embedding accountability. They both model and insist that we “walk the walk” toward our aspirations, with the clear understanding that achieving High Expectations is a process, not an event.


For perspective, just imagine the outcomes we can expect if our leaders choose to map for us a path of 

Low Aspirations > Stagnation in Status Quo > Low Expectations.  Leaders of this mindset are plentiful, because it is by far the easier and less risky path.


When, really, has the future everbeen certain?  Our wisest leaders know this as fact; thus, they constantly challenge us to think about and toward better futures.


We can aimfor better.

We can dobetter.  

We can bebetter.  


The futures of those who follow our lead, especially our children, depend on it.

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