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Monday, February 22, 2021


Bandwidth is a term we have come to use with great frequency over the last 20 years.  We typically use it to describe the amount of capacity a system has for delivering/processing digital data.


The more bandwidth you have in the system, the more capacity it has to receive, move, and process the digital information at hand.  


In the digital realm, we can increase bandwidth through beefing up the capacity of the transmission, hardware, and/or software systems.


Wise leaders understand that organizations also have “bandwidth,” in terms of the capacity of their teams.  Only in the rarest of cases can they simply buy more bandwidth (as occurs in the digital context).  


In most instances, those astute leaders understand that they must build the capacity of the organization – its “bandwidth” – through very intentional processes of expanding the learning and skills – the “bandwidth” – of each member of the organization.  


Organizational learning occurs as result of purposeful planning and deployment processes, NOT happenstance. 


But, oh what dividends it pays…


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