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Monday, January 18, 2021


Most of us want to be successful.  And the meaning assigned to the word "success" is unique to each of us.

Regardless of our respective goals, our priorities, the task of actually achieving them is the tricky part.  How do we get to where/what we wanna be?

Being able to stay focused on that which is important seems to be the key.  Our days are filled with an overwhelming bombardment of interactions, data, information, meetings, reports, scheduling obligations,.... 

More often than not, most of those encroachments on our time are NOT well-aligned to our achieving "success," as we understand it.  So, what to do????

Consider a simple two-step approach:

  1. Decide, and write down and keep handy, the 2-3 three things you deem MOST important to your being able to achieve "success."
  2. Dedicate a portion of each day, EVERY day, to pursuit of those things and only those things.  It does not have to be a huge chunk of the day, but it's best done EVERY day.
Otherwise, as so oft noted by the late Dr. Stephen Covey, the urgent will most certainly crowd out that which is important. 

Life is too short to forsake the important.

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