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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Yoda wasn't born that way.  He (I think it was a he) was not birthed (or however those creatures arrive on the planet - er, the universe) with all that wisdom.  

The wisest leaders and advisors I know are:  

> Disciplined knowledge curators - they read, listen, watch, search, and dig for knowledge, non-stop.
> Survivalists - they have actually LIVED through challenging experiences themselves (not just sat through a seminar on it).
> Strategic skeptics - they critically dissect the information that comes their way (even from their own Yodas) to make sure it's valid, reliable, dependable, grounded in fact.
> Cross sectional miners - they purposely seek advice, counsel, and knowledge from Yodas across a wide range of interests and disciplines, understanding that the most substantive wisdom is not bound by a particular field of study, religion, political party, mindset.

We all need a few Yodas in our network (if we want in to grow stronger...smarter...wiser).

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