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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Consider three kinds of bullhorns:  
1) the horns on actual bulls (bovine males), 
2) electrified voice amplification systems used by humans, and
3) figurative bullhorns used to impose beliefs/values/goals on others.

Actual bulls use their horns to impose their will on those around them.  The horns are, in effect, dangerous weapons/tools they aggressively use to push around or injure other animals (even humans) to gain advantage.  Yes, bulls have goals.  Trust me on this one.

Humans use electric bullhorns to impose their will on those around them.  The horns are, in effect, weapons/tools they aggressively use to gain attentive advantage over other humans.  Yes, humans have objectives, too.

Figurative bullhorns are a tool used most often by those who are unwilling to engage in civil and deliberative discourse around areas of legitimate disagreement.  The objective is to shout down the "other" or drown them out, to squelch their perspective or diminish their voice.

To be sure, bullhorns of all three kinds CAN be used for the greater good...........................but rarely are.  Almost always they are deployed with selfish outcomes in mind.

We are wise to steer clear of bullhorn wielders of all three stripes, as they are typically not at all interested in our perspective, our viewpoint, our needs, or our opinion.  

Beware the bullhorns!

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