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Sunday, August 19, 2018


Leadership is about growing - growing ourselves and growing others.  

Wise leaders know that growing intentionally is always better than growing accidentally.  

Dan Rockwell is one of my favorite bloggers on the topic of leadership.  In his blog of September 4, 2014, DR captures some of the shifts in my own growing over the years.  HERE is the link to his complete blog post.  The most compelling element from that piece I have captured in shaded text below.

If we're not growing, we're stuck on shiftless.  May the (intentional) shifting continue...

15 shifts in thinking:

Here are some shifts leaders commonly experience.
I used to think leadership was about ______, now I think it’s about ________.
  1. What you did; who you are.
  2. Power; integrity.
  3. Data; culture.
  4. Me; us.
  5. Telling; showing.
  6. Knowledge; wisdom.
  7. Bossing; serving.
  8. Power; humility.
  9. Managing; inspiring.
  10. Authority; love.
  11. My skill; their development.
  12. Position; mission.
  13. Government; community.
  14. Instructing; constructing.
  15. Telling; listening.

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