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Sunday, August 5, 2018


Resistance is real, both in its literal and figurative forms.  Resistance can result from:

  • Overload - As in the case of electricity.  When the load exceeds the capacity of the medium, resistance occurs.  Too much load >>> inability to carry out the task.
  • Obstructions - As in the case of a boulder falling into a stream bed or too much poop and paper in the sewer line, an obstruction dams up the flow/momentum.  Obstruction >>> momentum compromise/diversion.
  • Ill Health - As in the case of our circulatory system, the hardening and/or clogging of our vessels restricts the blood flow and compromises our health, THROUGHOUT the system (top to bottom, innermost to outermost).  This is both an upstream and downstream problem.  Ill health >>> weakness or death.
  • Natural Forces - As in the case of gravity or hate, certain natural forces consistently work to "bend" our efforts.  To push solutions or remedies that ignore the natural forces is folly.  Natural forces >>> predictable resistance.
  • Threat - In the human mind, threat triggers the automatic psychological responses of fight or flight. The most fundamental response is to protect self and/or the status quo.  Threat >>> unconscious resistance.
For those of us who presume to lead others, in any form or fashion, to ignore those dynamics foretells a limiting or halting of the progress we seek.

All must be dealt with.  Far better to do so on the front side of the resistance.

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