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Thursday, August 23, 2018


When doing complex and/or innovative work, we find the path littered with barriers and blockers.  Those impediments come in all shapes and sizes, at every level of pay grade, and wrapped in all manner of socio-political interests.

So, how do we get "permission" (or forgiveness, if that is the eventual need) for our bold and edgy work?  

Some ideas for the consideration of trailblazers:
> Stay relentlessly focused on pursuing the BIG PICTURE vision of the organization.  The boss(es) are usually focused on the same thing.
> Develop positive relationships top to bottom, from the CEO down to the temps.
> Avoid entanglement in political struggles (and yes, there are always political struggles).
> Dose out innovative ideas/implementations in small bites.  Not only are the more cautious among us generally risk averse, they abhor tsunamic craziness.
> Keep sharing/publicizing the small and incremental wins (stories usually play better than spreadsheets).
> Addictively thank/praise others, no matter how small their contributions.
> Be PLEASANT.  Niceness is a virtue; meanness almost always boomerangs.  

Happy jungle hacking...

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