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Sunday, November 5, 2017


We talk about learning a lot in this blog.  ;-)  Let's look at it backwards for a moment:

What are some things that keep us stuck on dumb (or ineffective)?

  • Thinking we're too busy to read that book, take that class, post the question in that forum, ask someone who can help...
  • Deluding ourselves into thinking our shortcomings are simply the result of bad luck.
  • Failing to spend some time (individually and as teams) reflecting on our results and discerning which of our practices produced the same.
  • Being fearful of failing or of looking less smartish.
  • Presuming that we have no control over the outcomes (aka, victimhood).
  • Ignoring the fact that it takes time, effort, energy, and resources to LEARN new stuff.
  • Trying to go it alone.
Here's the continuum.

DumbStuck                                              WarpLearn

Both the direction AND the speed we choose to move along that continuum are completely within our control.

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