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Thursday, November 23, 2017


Moe (my lovely bride of 40 years) and I learned early in our experience as stewards of the land the unintended consequences of bulldozing.  We purchased several acres of land and promptly had some bulldozing done, to create the aesthetic effect on our property we desired.

That was over 20 years ago and we still see the negative effects of that carnage in these ways:

  • Compromise of the life systems in the soil, which is ultimately the feeder of all life above the soil.
  • Reduced availability of water/moisture (the life-sustaining medium) in the ground.
  • Lessened evidence of wildlife (birds and animals), who both feed and feed from the plants that grow on that ground.
  • Diminished diversity of plant life and of animal life that does manage to grow on that plot.
With years of hindsight and experiences in trying to regenerate life on that acreage, we have learned that gentle embellishments, that work WITH the natural systems, would have been a much better path to take in trying to increase the health, wellbeing, and long-term productivity of that land.

Leaders who think they want to "bulldoze" perceived negative elements in their organizations........................take heed.

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