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Monday, September 25, 2017


Our personal or organizational growth, real growth, always causes some ripples.  

Just as a pebble (or boulder) is dropped into a body of water causes ripples outward, so does our learning and development (whether as an individual or as a team).  Authentic learning always has derivative impact beyond ourselves. 

Some observations about the rippling effects of learning/growth:

  • Ripples are, in effect, disturbances to the calm surface of the water.  So, too, does our new growth disturb the status quo.  If it doesn't, it probably does not qualify as real growth.
  • Incremental growth (the pebble) causes small ripples.  
  • Significant and consequential growth (the boulder) causes much larger disturbances.
  • Learning in and with teams almost always accelerates the growth experience, and thus the ripple effects.  
  • Lack of growth/learning preserves the precious calm, a state also known as stagnation.
How's the learning/growing/rippling going with you?  Your team?

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