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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


The best leaders I know exude curiosity.  They read, they ask questions, they dabble in unfamiliar content, they engage new acquaintances with interest, they embark on novel experiences.  In short, they stretch themselves, along all dimensions, relentlessly.  It seems they're always in LEARN mode.

By contrast, there are those who tend to live on the uncurious end of the continuum.  They emanate are far different aura.  Why?

  • Perhaps they're just tired.
  • Perhaps they truly don't care. 
  • Perhaps they think they've arrived.
  • Perhaps they're distracted by personal challenges/problems.
  • Perhaps they view others as less.
  • Perhaps they're unhappy.
It's not hard to see which type of leader inspires us, moves us, makes us wanna be better.

Our behaviors (and thus, the way we are perceived) are the result of choices we make and habits we adopt, not genetics.

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