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Saturday, June 17, 2017


We all have hopes and dreams, aspirations for a better, brighter future.

Some folks seem content to sit around waiting for their dreams to become a reality, waiting for the planets to align, waiting for someone to make their dreams come true.  

Others (now channel the likes of Thomas Edison, The Beatles, Martin Luther King, Jr.) focus relentlessly on their dreams, roll up their sleeves, and proceed with the slow, steady slog toward their goals.

What do dream chasers have in common?

  • Curious minds - a disciplined pursuit of learning more, learning faster, learning deeply (which means purposefully NOT spending time on non-dream stuff).
  • Focus - a relentless focus on getting it right, connecting the dots, tinkering, making it better.
  • Resilience - an understanding that today's failure is not fatal, but rather, just another step in the journey toward achieving the goal. 
  • WORK! - knowing that dream realization is directly proportional to one's personal commitment of effort, thinking, time, and resources toward achieving said dreams (dream chasing is not a 9-5 job).
When you look at that list, it's not surprising that so few folks actually realize their dreams.  

Ah, but for the committed dream chasers, the recipe works...

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