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Monday, June 26, 2017


We all want to be more effective, in whatever endeavor(s) we pursue.

What keeps us from achieving optimal effectiveness (either as individuals or organizations)?  Distractions.

Here are some things that cause us to take our eye off the ball:
  • Fatigue - when we've worked ourselves beyond the point of concentration.
  • Envy - when we develop a yearning for someone else's version of success.
  • Self-pity - when we start feeling sorry for ourselves.
  • Wrong focus - when we start measuring our effectiveness by inconsequential and/or erroneous metrics.
  • Imbalance - when we forget we are WHOLE beings and try to live/work in a fractured state.
  • Success - when we get a bit too full of ourselves.

There are LOTS of distractions.  Always will be.  

Disciplined minds prevail.

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