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Monday, February 20, 2017


Train wrecks are almost always avoidable, both the literal kind and the figurative kind.

Leaders too often run themselves off the tracks, by committing some very avoidable mistakes.  Here are some of the errors that regularly result in leadership train wrecks (the figurative kind):
  • We fail to notice, acknowledge, and enlist the many contributions/gifts of others.
  • We get so busy doing stuff that we neglect the necessary act of reflection.
  • We allow the pressure to cause us to quit being ourselves.
  • We try to diagnose and solve the problems by ourselves.
  • We think and act as if the rules don't apply to us, too.
  • We neglect to build adaptability into our plans.
  • We drift into the mindset that it's all about me.
  • We spend more time talking than listening.

  • We perseverate on the wrong metrics.
Not all train wrecks are fatal.  But some are.  

Notice that all the items in the list above are well within our power to control.

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