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Friday, February 17, 2017


We all want to win, and win BIG.  The super bowl, a championship, bell ringer stock price (for today or this week), the grand slam, the sky-high IPO,...

Rarely, very rarely, is it novices that win the BIG GAME.  Rarer still is when the folks in position to win the BIG GAME accidentally find themselves there - the result of pure luck.

True success is built on disciplined and thoughtful attention to developing the habits that foster optimal performance.  Those hourly, daily, monthly, yearly habits produce LOTS of little wins along the way, generating an ever-lengthening record of success.  The accumulation of quite a lot of useful knowledge and expertise is a perpetuating derivative.  

Those wins take different forms - trophies, market share, customer loyalty, a loving family, peace, optimized health.  We get to choose the goals.

It's that record of little wins, purposefully pursued and achieved along the way, that position us for the BIG win(s).

So, the choices we make this moment, this day, this interaction COUNT.  They count a lot.

For the record.   

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