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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


It doesn't matter what the leadership role is - parenting, teaching, coaching, business owner, manager, political office holder - the job is too big for one person.

Our success and effectiveness as leaders is dependent on three sets of collaborators: 

  1. Heroes - These are mentors past (alive or deceased, known personally or studied) upon whom we rely for wisdom, support, guidance, teaching, and tough love.
  2. Confederates - These are the folks who are aligned with us in the current struggle (e.g., spouses, friends, associates inside or outside our organization), with whom we can compare notes on strategies, challenges, support systems, next steps, and vision.
  3. Mentees - These are the folks (e.g., personal children, students, employees, professional peers) who depend on us (yes, you and me) for wisdom, support, guidance, teaching, and tough love.
A profound and common variable in our interactions with all three subsets is that WE, as leaders, must be intentional LEARNERS ourselves.  

Learning begets more learning.

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