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Monday, November 14, 2016


Folks develop a perception of us.  That perception is almost always the result of...

  • What they see out of us.
  • What they hear from us.
  • The fidelity between what they see from us and hear from us.
If we don't like the way others perceive us, we have GREAT power (and opportunity) to alter that perception.  How?  By...

  • Making sure others see from us what we want them to see from us.
  • Making sure others hear from us what we want them to hear from us.
  • Making sure that what they see from us is HIGHLY aligned to what they hear from us.
Works for us as individuals.  Works also for organizations.

A prerequisite is that we actually know what we would like for others to perceive in us.

As with most meaningful pursuits, it's far easier said than done.  But, doable indeed.

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