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Monday, November 21, 2016


Commitment is a two-sided coin.  It often represents a covenant founded in emotion.  When viewed in this light, commitment embodies a deep level of faithfulness and devotion to a cause/person, a self-chosen allegiance or loyalty.  In this respect, commitment almost always includes a willingness to lovingly turn a blind eye to the faults or flaws in the other/cause.

The other side of the commitment coin is the legalistic component.  In this respect, it represents a sworn responsibility or obligation.  Commitment, from this viewpoint, suggests a decision to stick with someone/something, for better or worse.  It is viewed as a contract by which we are bound.  From this cognitive perspective, we understand that holding to the commitment is in our best interest, even when not comfortable or convenient.

Deep commitment encompasses both sides of the coin, the emotional and the cognitive.  It represents a powerful tie that binds.

My brothers and I and our spouses joined Grady and Dian Coulter (our parents) for a lovely dinner last night, celebrating their 60 years of commitment to each other.  Mom and Dad have beautifully, painfully, joyfully, doggedly, blessedly honored that commitment for six decades.  

We (us "boys" and our families) are the real beneficiaries.

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