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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Erosion is the gradual destruction of something, via a natural agent like water or wind.  On our ranch, we see the effects of erosion every day.  When we get significant rain, water erodes portions of our land, cutting deep gullies, sometimes destroying fences, occasionally uprooting trees, and often altering the course of springs/creeks.

Bear in mind that water is a very good thing - necessary actually.  It is our very lifeblood on the ranch.  

The impact of erosion is driven by three factors:  speed, volume, and depth.  As any or all of these increase, the destructive effects increase dramatically.  Thus, a very good thing - water - can become menacingly destructive.  We understand that and take steps to mitigate that speed/volume/depth problem when and where we can.

Erosion also occurs in organizations.  When what we usually consider to be very good things, such as new initiatives, process improvements, or professional development, are deployed with intensified speed or volume or depth, the same thing can happen to the organization that happens on our ranch...Erosion.  In this case the damage is usually witnessed as frustration, overwhelmedness, lowered morale, decreased commitment, or impaired performance.  

Wise leaders understand and heed this natural law.

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