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Monday, September 5, 2016


We are headed toward the inevitable, the end.  Our days on this Earth are numbered, with each day bringing us one day closer to that last one.  It's inevitable.

What will we be like when that last day arrives?  Who will we be when that last day arrives?  What will we have consequentially accomplished when that last day arrives?  

To be sure, those things won't matter to us once that last day has slipped past.  But, those things will matter immensely to those who survive us.

With each breath, each step, each decision, each word, each act of service (or selfishness), we are creating the person we will ultimately be.  And, we are building the legacy, the impact, that that person will have on those left behind, particularly those who love and are loved by us.

The end is inevitable.  Who/What we are when that day comes is most certainly not.  

On purpose?

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