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Friday, September 2, 2016


I'm a bit behind on book reports so I'll share two recent fictional reads with you in this post.

First, Vince Flynn's The Survivor (2015), another Mitch Rapp novel. 

CIA covert operative Mitch Rapp is enlisted to interdict the damage done by a rogue CIA spy named Rickman.  Rapp eliminates the traitor, but then must race against the clock to avert Rickman’s posthumous electronic dumping of highly classified information to foreign governments and other bad guys.  

Flynn actually died while writing this novel, so it was finished by Kyle Mills.  Have loved VR's books for years.  RIP, Vince.    

The other recent read was Days of Infamy by Newt Gingrich and W. R. Forstchen (2008). 

This novel details the window of time December 7 – 9, 1941.   Beginning with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the story gives us a peek at that attack and the subsequent responses and counterattacks by both the United States and Japan, through the eyes of multiple players in the drama.  Key perspectives are provided from the personas of admirals, pilots, communications officers, spouses, and even President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  

Another great job of providing a history lesson intertwined with a mesmerizing story, by NG and WR.  A good read. 

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