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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Leaders of organizations (smart ones, that is) understand that the success of the organization is directly proportional to the quality of the people in the organization.  The people ARE the brand.

Thus, attracting, recruiting, hiring, and retaining nothing but top-shelf folks is imperative.  Talented folks can work just about wherever they want to, you know.

Some important questions leaders should ask ourselves in relation to the attractiveness of our organization: 
  1. Why would talent choose our organization over others?
  2. Are our vision/mission/goals worthy and noble pursuits, intended to create a better world (not just about making $$$)?
  3. Are we being crystal clear about our vision/mission/goals?
  4. Are folks in our organization allowed reasonable autonomy in pursuing those goals?
  5. Is continuous improvement (personal and professional) built into the daily fabric of our work?
  6. Are the incentives in our organization built around the success of "we," not "me"?
  7. Are our work processes/procedures/protocols fashioned to cater to our most talented players (not to the average-or-below group)?
  8. Is recognizing and noticing good work (both privately and publicly, both vertically and horizontally) embedded in the culture of our organization? 
How we answer those questions can serve as a useful guide as to what we change and improve in our organizational structures, and what we change and improve in ourselves as leaders.

Great people do 
great work for 
great organizations, which honor both the 
great people and their 
great work.

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