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Saturday, August 15, 2015


We've all heard the old saw, "You are what you eat."  While that seems to just be homespun wisdom, it is increasingly being proven true by research.  Our bodies need and want nutritionally dense, natural foods.  Our bodies (and brains) respond very favorably when we give them just that.

Learning what NOT to eat may be even more important than learning what to eat.  Here's a sampling of both.

Don't Eat:
  • Processed sugars or their imposters, such has high fructose corn syrup and the 50+ other names that processed sugar "hides" under.
  • Genetically modified foods (almost all corn, soy, wheat, and sugar beets consumed in the U.S. are now genetically modified).
  • Meat from animals that have been raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs); these animals are regularly dosed with antibiotics and/or hormones. 
  • Stuff with ingredients on the labels which you either can't pronounce, or don't know what they are (concoctions BAD!, and your body knows it).
  • REAL FOOD (real food does not have, or need, labels).
  • Plants or fruit that you can easily recognize as having been grown in soil (eaten raw is even better).
  • Organically grown fruits/vegetables (no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides).
  • Meat from animals that ate the plants described in the bullet above (i.e., grass fed, grass finished, free ranged).
  • Stuff with omega 3 fats (natural nuts, fats from animal meats described in the bullet above, avocados, seeds, flaxseed oil, wild caught fish).
  • Pastured eggs.
Neither list is exhaustive; just a good starting place.  IF, that is, you desire better health, more energy, fewer trips to the doctor.

Bon appetit!

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