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Thursday, September 4, 2014


I spent the last two days meeting with school leaders from the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium (TxHPSC).  That group of schools has taken the initiative and made significant commitments toward re-shaping the way "school" is conducted in each of their respective communities.  

Beyond the local focus, the TxHPSC has been charged by the Texas Legislature with developing next generation learning standards, assessments, and accountability measures within the context of the digital environment.  This work will inform and shape the dialogue (and, thus, future policy) around the future of public education in Texas.

All schools and individuals represented at the meeting were there by CHOICE, not by mandate.  The representatives present are all invested in and enthusiastic about this idea:  Schools can and should transform the way they conduct the the business of learning.  Why?  Because the world our children will live and work and play in upon their graduation from high school will not look anything like the world they live and work and play in now, and it will certainly not be like the one we (the adults) grew up in.

We can do better. We should do better.  And this group of schools, in particular, are committed to doing better in the educational enterprise.  Our students/children simply deserve no less.

The fundamental responsibility for schools is that we must practice exemplary stewardship with and on behalf of the most precious resources each of our communities possess - our children.

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