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Monday, September 15, 2014


Boundaries are viewed in many ways.

Here are several of them:

  • A demarcation that designates ownership.
  • Imaginary borders that represent a difference in context.
  • Understood off-limits subjects of conversation.
  • Divisions, real or imagined, that separate groups of people.
  • Spoken or implied limits to which one's aggressiveness must stop (hated this when I was dating).
  • Partitions that "contain" different lines of authority.
  • An endpoint or "wall" at which one must stop, literally or figuratively.
  • The limit of our mental, physical, or emotional endurance.
The boldest thinkers and the most courageous leaders I know usually view boundaries as opportunities for new breakthroughs, for higher levels of achievement, as horizons of new innovation or creation, as potentialities for new alliances.  

Very often their dreams and aspirations simply begin at the boundaries. 

Few of those folks defeatedly stop at the boundary and shrug as if "that's it."  

Probably why I admire them so.

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