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Saturday, August 30, 2014


I read How to Deliver a Great TED Talk last by Akash Karia (2012) last week. 

The book was a quick read, full of concrete ideas and suggestions on how to improve our presentation skills and move audiences.  AK did a nice job of organizing the book and provided excellent supporting examples for his ideas and suggestions. 

Some of the big takeaways for me:
  • Start presentations with an interesting/compelling story.
  • Analogies/similes/metaphors are very powerful tools for engaging audiences.
  • Use powerful images and few words (large font) on presentation slides.
  • The best speeches are those that are experienced by the audience, not just heard by the audience.
  • Great stories have these elements:  Colorful characters, a Conflict, a Cure for the conflict, a Change in characters as result of the conflict, and a Carryout message.
My first encounter with AK's work/thinking.  Glad I read it.  Now it's time to start implementing some of his ideas.

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