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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why Do We Work?

There a lots of reasons that we work:
To force us to think through a problem in a different way.
To better understand how an industry operates.
To teach us what we do/don't want out of life.
To tackle and conquer complex problems.
To collaborate with interesting people.
To struggle toward a common goal.
To enjoy the synergy of teamwork.
To make the world a better place. 
To avoid staying at home.
To expand our horizons.
To learn new stuff.
To leave a legacy.
To gain notoriety.
To make money.

The best circumstance by far is if we have work with meaning?

If not, then we must find ways to add meaning to our work (which can and does happen in most every profession/vocation, every day).

Or, we can commiserate and languish and dawdle our lives away.

It’s a choice, you know.

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