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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We humans seem to try to ensure a smooth and risk-free life by managing uncertainty.  The rationale is that if we can "standardize" life, we can make it more predictable, less turbulent, more certain.  The externally imposed application of standardization is to "regulate."

  • We regulate speed limits on our highways (yet MANY don’t abide by them, cops included). 
  • We regulate our food supply to ensure it’s safety (yet much recent research indicates we may be poisoning ourselves with overly processed and/or genetically modified foods). 
  • We regulate the way we should all look at work or at school (yet even those environments with the strictest dress codes are chock full of variance).  
  • We regulate what and how much children should learn in our schools (yet the disparities seem overwhelming and intractable).  
  • I am told that the Affordable Care Act consists of 55,000+ pages of statutory language and administrative regulations, to ensure a well-regulated healthcare delivery system for our populace (time will tell, but please forgive my skepticism).  
I have become more and more aware of how standardization tends to homogenize and dilute - our behaviors, our thinking, our opportunities, our freedom, life's outcomes.  

It seems that attempts to regulate uncertainty do little more than inhibit creativity, innovation, freedom to pursue our own happiness.  

And, I find myself more and more frequently confronted with the reality of how often the regulators seem un-required or unwilling to abide by the standardization they so wish to impose.

Non-standardized life for me, thanks.

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