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Friday, November 22, 2013


In many organizations, a typical knee-jerk reaction to poor service to customers (whether they be buyers, students, vendors, or volunteers) is to try to put a new policy/regulation/rule in place to “fix the problem!”

The “problem” is almost always a failure in the human interaction piece, dysfunctional or nonexistent people skills.  Automating our way out of interacting with customers diminishes both our customers and our employees.

Our customers deserve better, and our employees can do better (if taught/coached/trained/allowed to do so).

Why not invest a little time in developing the troops with regard to improving people skills?  And, why not incentivize (I’m not talking money here, but rather, recognition, praise, affirmation) exceptional instances of service?

Both sides of this human interaction equation benefit from quality service delivery, and no one loses. Really. (Talk about win-win solutions!)

The biggest barrier to taking this approach to service?  We have to be willing to learn to listen to and get to know our customers.

Time to get started…

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