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Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Thoroughbred horses are built to RUN, fast and for a long time. Don't hitch 'em to a wagon.

Quarter Horses are quick and agile. They change directions on a dime and have keen anticipation skills. Don't try to race them against a Thoroughbred.

Draft horses are designed to move heavy loads and carry a lot of dead weight. Don't task them to do 10 things fast and well.

Ponies are disposed to behave like pets; gentle, steady, obedient, and safe (usually). Don't expect them to drag a plough through hard ground.

Prancers are show horses; pretty, impressive, performance-oriented. Don't expect one to win the Kentucky Derby.

Most all kinds of horses are smarter than we tend to give them credit. Kind of sneaky smart.

Leaders of organizations don't typically have to match horses with their dispositions for needed work outcomes. Instead............................we work with people.

Note to self: People are sorta like horses (except there are more "kinds" of people than horses).

Got some learnin' to do. 

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