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Sunday, May 15, 2022


Meetings are a necessary part of organizational work.

Unnecessary meetings are one of the most non-productive uses of time in organizational work. If not needed, don't call 'em.

Poorly deployed meetings are one of the most frequent time and energy sucks of organizational work.

Some thoughts about making meetings more productive:

  • Build ALL meeting agendas around the organization's BIG drivers (never more than five of these).
  • Limit agenda items to those BIG drivers and frame them as Action Items and/or Data Analysis and/or Action Planning only (keep informational junk and rat killing' -- stuff that does not apply to the whole team -- OFF the agenda).
  • Set hard start and stop times for meetings and stick to 'em (limiting meetings to one hour is best).
  • Stay out of the weeds and rein in rabbit chasers.
  • Provide agendas to meeting participants ahead of time (for thought and preparation).
  • Be clear about assigned work and due dates for that work (and scatter that work across the team).
Did I say poorly managed meetings are also the most wasteful use of time, team energy, and MONEY in organizational work? If not, I shoulda.

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