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Monday, May 30, 2022


A lifetime is too short to learn the craft of leadership. 

As we grow ourselves into more impactful Servant Leaders, there exists some powerful accelerants to the process:

  • Clarity - be absolutely clear about the direction we are heading, about the outcomes we seek. The paths toward that vision will be nuanced, ambiguous, and many. The Direction, however, should never be.
  • Trust - engage in constant trust development, between and among stakeholders (both internal and external). Trust is the currency that is most honored in human interactions, and it comes from transparent alignment of what others see out of us compared with what others hear from us.
  • Learning - growing individually and collectively is absolutely necessary. Our work is not done in isolation, neither can our learning be. Learning is a dance of constant push and pull. If we are not Lead Learners, and if we do not invite others to Learn along with us..............................we have a problem.
  • Engagement - others feel valued by us mostly as result of the way we interact with them. Listening instead of lecturing, Asking instead of telling, Observing instead of directing all send powerful signals that let others know we need their thinking, we cherish their authentic involvement, we covet their engagement.
Leadership is about influence, and it's a two-way street. 

Let's move the Leadership improvement needle a little today. For ourselves, and for those with whom we engage.


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