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Sunday, April 3, 2022


Uncertainty is a fact of life. We all experience it, and always will.

Uncertainty almost always creates angst in our being. Depending on the element(s) generating the uncertainty, our discomfort can be cognitive, emotional, physical, or spiritual........most likely, some combination of those dimensions.

While none of us are exempt from uncertainty, we can learn much from those who gracefully navigate it. 

What do we observe in those who respond to uncertainty in the healthiest ways?

  • reGrounding - They remind themselves and those around them of the fundamental values by which they live, and they deliberately anchor their thoughts and actions back to those values. Clarity of purpose has a grounding effect.
  • Panic-less Slowing - They react in almost stoic ways by stepping back and viewing the present uncertainty against the larger contexts and across wide historical frames. They understand that reactiveness often generates more problems than the present uncertain circumstances do.
  • Look-Listen Mode - They assess how others are viewing and reacting to the uncertainty, refusing to isolate themselves from the perspective of a wide and diverse range of thinking.
  • Forecasting - They process through the possible downstream outcomes of the uncertainty and premise their next steps accordingly -- sometimes with very defensive posturing, sometimes aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities. 
Those of us in leadership positions should expect others to look to us for healthy response to uncertainty. It is natural to seek strong mooring when the storm is at its peak.

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